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Bad News: Our 2023 baseball-specific group training programs are currently fully booked. 


Good News:  Summer 2024 Enrollment Begins January 1! Plus, Exclusive Private Training Sessions are Available Now!


These exclusive sessions are designed to cater to the individual needs of each young athlete, focusing intensively on skill development, strength, and conditioning for optimal performance. ​


Private training provides an unparalleled opportunity for your child to elevate their baseball skills in a personalized, one-on-one setting.


These private sessions are limited due to the high demand for after-school training hours. We encourage you to take advantage of these limited options while they last.


Playform Youth Fitness is eager to support your young athlete's baseball journey and contribute to their journey towards excellence.

Book your child's Personal Training service here or contact us with further inquiries.

Thank you for choosing Playform Youth Fitness.


Together, let's achieve remarkable strides in the world of youth baseball.

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2024 Summer Program
July 8 - Aug 31

Looking to improve your child's sports performance in baseball? Join our Baseball-Specific Youth Strength Conditioning Program for 2024! We focus on strength training and conditioning specifically for young baseball players.


Enrollment for summer 2024 begins on January 1, 2024. Make sure to RSVP early to secure your child's spot in this exciting and rewarding program.


To ensure the highest standard of personalized service and individual attention, we are making our programs available to only 10 participants per week.


In a smaller setting, young athletes receive proper form corrections, feedback, and motivation, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where they can thrive. Additionally, a smaller group allows for better interaction and camaraderie among participants, creating a sense of community and accountability.


Limiting our class sizes delivers a high-quality fitness experience that prioritizes individualized attention and fosters a positive and effective fitness journey for each participant. 

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